Monday, June 16, 2008

Rain Barrels

We currently have two rain barrels which we use almost exclusively to water our planters, baskets, and gardens throughout the growing season. This year has been exceptional as rainfall has been so overabundant to the point of catastrophic flooding in our community and many others in Iowa. So at this point, Cam has moved the downspout away from the barrels since haven't yet figured out an overflow system.
Each barrel has a valve near the bottom to hook up a hose (we are using a dual output extension so we can have a hose hooked up all the time and also get water directly from the other spout for watering cans, etc.) Rather than allowing the water to simply spill over the top and go where ever it will, we want to come up with an overflow system which we can control the direction of the water using a hose or tubing...

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