Monday, June 16, 2008

Compost It!

When we moved into this house almost 4 years ago we had a move in bonus of a ready built compost bin in the corner of our yard. We were pretty excited about it until the previous owners let it be known to us that they had for some number of years thrown their guinea pig's soiled wood chips in there. I wasn't so sure what that would mean for growing veggies - I've heard of horse poo being mixed with saw dust to create an "organic" fertilizer but didn't really know how I felt about guinea pig poo being in my garden. We decided that existing compost bin would be used to compost leaves and weeds and we purchased this compost tumbler for faster composting results for our garden made from our kitchen scraps:I have to admit that using our composter gives me a profound sense of freedom in many different ways:
  1. NOTHING from our vegetarian kitchen is EVER wasted!
  2. The food that isn't used to nourish our bodies from our home ends up nourishing our soil :)
  3. Our garbage output is significantly reduced by recycling our food "waste".
  4. We don't have to buy any kind of fertilizer because we make it ourselves.
  5. Composting makes us feel green and feeling green makes us happy :D

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