Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Coming Along

All of our gardens are really starting to take off. It's fun to see the brown soil mature into lush green vegetation throughout the season. Here are some pole beans starting to climb a bamboo and chicken wire structure Cam built:

On the left are tomatillos and the right is strawberry popcorn.

One of the 3 beds of tomatoes. I can tell that the plant on the front right is Silvery Fir but I don't know about the others. We need to work on a better labeling system in the seeding phase.

This bed has 8 Green Sausage tomato plants! We've never grown Green Sausage variety before. I sure hope we like them...

And the third bed most likely has Arkansas Traveler and Black from Tula.

Bell peppers:

Our garlic has scapes that we need to snip. I understand that we can use the scapes in our cooking (or un-cooking) for a nice mild garlic flavor. I've had them cooked before but never raw so that might be a fun experiment. I imagine a nice raw scape cracker...

This is our root veggie bed. From left to right: carrots, potatoes, onions and radishes.

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