Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lettuce Galore

Every year we grow lettuce galore. We love lettuce. It's wonderful. This year we made it even more convenient by growing it in a raised bed right outside our kitchen door. It doesn't get any more convenient than that - aside from growing it in the kitchen!!
So why is it that we always end up with way more lettuce than we use? Is it because we don't eat as much as we should? Is it because we're too lazy to take 3 steps outside, pick some, wash it and prepare it? Is it because we have so many beautiful, delicious varieties we just can't choose?
I'm banking on the first two. We just don't eat as much lettuce as we should. When we should be creating fabulous home-grown salads we reach for whatever is in arms reach. So now I'm struggling to find ways that we can use this amazing lettuce before it ends up destined for the compost!! I'm thinking green smoothies and of course, more salads!!

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