Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Things

It's always fun to see spring flowers coming into bloom. Though we don't have many spring flowers, I did take a few photos to share. I'm not sure what these first flowers are called. The neighbors have some and we never planted them but more and more show up each spring in our yard. Birds must be dropping seeds or maybe seeds blow over, I don't know. We enjoy them either way.These are crocus flowers, some of the first early spring flowers to bloom. I love them, they're so cute.
And of course forsythia. We enjoy the bright yellow flowers on our forsythia bush every spring. They really are a touch of sunshine on a cloudy day :)
I have more photos coming. The magnolia tree has bloomed and is nearly done. Our apricot tree also had wonderful blossoms that attracted many bees. We've been told that it should be self-fertile so we'll see... And we did finally get a second cherry tree, this one is a black cherry called Stella. It will be a cross-pollinator for our Bing tree in the backyard.

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