Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chicken Excitement

So there seems to be quite a stir about the petition I started online yesterday. The moment I walked in the door arriving home from work yesterday the phone rang. It was a reporter from one of the local newspapers, The Gazette. He wanted to ask me a few questions about the petition which he had run across on Twitter of all places.

I was anxious to see how soon the article would be printed and much to my surprise it was already online, including a link to the online petition. Click here to see the article. Very exciting. I had no idea that the article was also published in the newspaper (not just online) and learned from my father-in-law who paid $150 to get his mother's obituary on page four, that the article about urban chickens was printed on the front page... for free! Thanks for the guilt trip Mike ;)

This is all moving along at a pace I never could have anticipated. I have to credit answered prayer for that. Cam and I prayed the night before I started the petition that God would give favor to our efforts on the chicken front. And now we not only have a great start on a petition which has only been live for 2 days and already has 226 signatures (minus a chunk of 30 or so false signatures from jokers such as "Cornal Sanders" and "Rainbow Sunshine" who touted comments like, "Finally, I always wanted a big cock!" and "don't stop at chickens, lets legalize hemp for medicinal reasons..." I had to giggle at that once since hemp is not the same thing as it's cousin, mind altering marijuana, but whatever. Some people have nothing better to do.

The next several days are quite busy for us as we attend Grandma Maxine's funeral tomorrow, clean house and prepare for Adi's birthday party on Friday, host the birthday party on Saturday and celebrate Easter on Sunday. And we have another newspaper article to look forward to for tomorrow as well. This one will be in the Daily Iowan, I'll post a link as soon as I see it.

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