Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Soil Block Party

We are so excited to get ready for spring planting season. In the past we have used the soil block method which is recommended by Elliot Coleman of the Four Seasons Farm. We love using soil blocks and have always planted way more seeds than what we needed and gave at least half of them away. While it can be fun to give plants away we always had more than we could get rid of which felt like a shame. And in this economy, we're feeling like this year is a great time to empower others by teaching them what (little) we know and do this organic growing stuff in community. We'll make the blocks together, share seeds and get together every couple of weeks to transplant the smaller blocks into the next size up. What a great excuse to get together.

And because I long for organization, I created a social network where we can start discussions, share photos and tips and just continue the community atmosphere in between meetings. If you're interested, check it out: Iowa City Environmental Ministry. In the near future, a house group will be born focusing on our faith response to being stewards of creation. We will pray, discuss and act through this group, engaging in a variety of activities to help others live more environmentally friendly lives. We're really excited about the possibilities.

So Saturday is our first block making party, I will take lots of photos and report back.

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