Monday, February 23, 2009

First Soil Block Party

We had been looking forward to our soil block party for so long and it really was a success. We had a total of 18 people including children, so it felt like a full house but everything went so well and I think everyone had a great time. Here is photo of our friend Jordan making some soil blocks.
This is what the blocks look like, Jordan's wife Fran later told me that she thought they looked like brownies ;) They do have a delicious sort of look to them. The soil was made from a mixture of peat moss, mushroom compost, green sand and colloidal phosphate. Cam and Adi mixed the soil in a large plastic tub and then added filtered water to get the moisture level perfect for forming soil blocks.
Our friends Seth and Alicia are total sustainability rock stars (aren't they cute?) They'd probably say they're more like wanna- be's but these two have the heart for it, that's for sure! They were so gracious to share many amazing varieties of seeds with everyone. I don't remember now, but I think I started at least 10 varieties of tomatoes between our own seeds and the seeds other brought. I can't wait to watch our little seedlings grow. It's so incredibly gratifying.
Sacha is enthusiastically seeding her soil blocks while Seth and Alicia work on their own seeding project. It was so much fun to see everyone just digging in and having fun with this whole process. We ended up using the lid of a shoe box size plastic container as a tray for the soil blocks (you can sort of see what the boxes look like in the above picture on the side table to the right, behind Alicia .) Cam had the brilliant idea of using the lid for the blocks and then placing the container over the top to create a mini greenhouse. Then the whole thing should be placed on a low-temp heat mat of some sort to help the seeds germinate properly.LinkAdi was so excited to have this many friends over. I think there were a total of 8 kids. And being that this was the first time Adi had to share her toys with so many others, I can say that I'm totally impressed with her graciousness.Wow, we were so excited that everything went so well. We're anxious for the next party in a couple of weeks to start transplanting. We'll keep the blog updated as our seeds begin to sprout.


E. R. Dunhill said...

Your event sounds like a great idea. Are your friends seed-savers, or do they have commercial sources? If you're interested, I have a post from about a year ago that includes some links to heirloom seed resources.
Also, I recently wrote a little something about Lent that might be of interest to tour green ministry group.


E. R. Dunhill said...

I just wanted to pop-in and see how your Lenten diet is going. I hope all is well.