Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wish We Had More Tomatoes

Here is a colorful plateful of most of the varieties we planted this year. I don't know the names for all of them - all of the cherry tomatoes came up as volunteers as they have for the past several years, which I'm grateful for because we didn't plant our cherry tomatoes in time this year and they are Adi's favorite!

So we have these wonderful low acid big yellow tomatoes that seem to ripen one at a time. Then there's the Black from Tula (the burgundy colored one) which usually ripens two at a time. I believe the smaller red tomato is from a Silvery Fir plant. Our Arkansas Traveler plants look healthy but the tomatoes aren't ripe yet. This season has been pretty lame for our tomato crop considering the number of plants we have. Our biggest yield has been from the Green Sausage tomatoes so I've dried most of those to use in recipes throughout the winter and spring.

I don't know if a tomatillo is officially a tomato or not but they are actually doing quite well - I'd say better than our other tomatoes. They make really nice green salsa and we're really happy with the experience of growing them. The plants grew much larger than we anticipated and they shared a small raised bed with our Strawberry Popcorn (which I can't wait to try after we figure out how to dry it and whatever else we need to do) so next year tomatillos will get much more support and won't be paired with popcorn!
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