Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Curbside Garden

All of these plants were given to us and with a lack of space or brain power to choose locations I made use of some space next to our 3rd car parking pad. No, we don't have a third car. It usually parks soil and mulch to be honest (much to the dismay of our very tidy neighbors!)

So this this lambs ear. I probably won't know the names of anything else, only who it came from. This is from Grandma Marsha. This plant is from our tidy neighbors. I love them. They are fabulous, and the fact that they put up with us and our "hill billy" ways is phenomenal!
This cutie is from Grandma Marsha as well. Maybe she can comment and tell us what it is. If not, that's OK too. No pressure ;)
Another from Grandma Marsha.
And yet another Grandma Marsha plant. IT looks like this one might bloom soon. I got all of them in the ground so late that I'm surprised they all survived. Seriously.
Now I just have to find a home for my apricot tree (which I mistakenly thought was self-pollination and therefore must now purchase another next year just like I have to get another cherry tree. 2 apricot trees and 2 cherry trees. Sheesh, my yard isn't that big. Something else might have to go...

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