Friday, September 12, 2008

Strawberry Popcorn

I harvested most of our Strawberry Popcorn and dried it in the dehydrator. Isn't it beautiful? We didn't grow much but it sure was fun harvesting what we did.

I've been eating a high raw (90-99%) diet for the last 43ish days now and aside from taking communion at church this has been my only exception. I only ate about 1/4 cup popped corn but it was delightful. I had no idea I would appreciate it so much. I'm glad I didn't eat any more than I did. I didn't really need to. It makes me think about those gigantor buckets of popcorn at the movie theaters packed overflowing with hot buttered popcorn. I used to eat and eat and eat at that crap. Gross. It's not good to eat just because something tastes good and it happens to be right in front of your face! Sheesh.

Anyway, the garden is a mess. I haven't done any weeding (though the weeds aren't really that bad). I like garden structures and things that keep plants from flailing across the ground or growing every which way (natural as it is). Next year we will have to be more mindful of supporting our plants and pairing crops more appropriately (the popcorn and tomatillos together was just a bad call). It's a learning experience. So blessed to have it in my back yard!
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