Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Time

My first baked blueberry pie was a sucess. Adi told me, "Mommy, this is the best pie I've ever tasted!" What a sweetie. It was pretty good, I must admit. The blueberries came from the local pick-your-own farm Orchards on Sand Road.
This year we managed to grow a few decent heads of broccoli. Adi loves to pretend she's a rabbit and nibble on the leaves while I "look the other way" and then I have to wonder who has been eating my broccoli plant. So cute.
I love growing these purple pole beans. Finding the beans to pick is so much easier since they are a different color. They turn green when cooked but are scrumptious. Love em.
For some reason we planted more than one zucchini plant. Gardeners should just know not to do that. It doesn't really freeze very well and unless you eat a ton of zucchini or have a lot of mouths to feed, one plant is enough. Such a prolific producer. Guess I'll have to get creative with new recipes.
It was so much fun to pick ripe apricots from our tree in the front yard. We just planted it last fall so we were really surprised that we got fruit this summer. A pleasant surprise indeed.

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