Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I've definitely been living in chicken land lately, so before I get to that, here's a photo of half of our raised bed gardens. Cam thinks they look great, I think they look like a mess. I don't think I really care for the exact square foot gardening method. One of these years I will find my perfectly artistic gardening style and I'll love it and it will be perfect. I love this too, the learning part and the part where I get to go out in my back yard when I'm hungry and pick something fresh to eat. That's good stuff.

So on Saturday, June 28th we had our screening of Mad City Chickens. We had 35 people come to see the film including city council member Amy Correia. It was so exciting to have even one council member take time out of their day to learn more, I was honored. This photo is of Seth and the film makers Tashai and Robert trying to get the projector set up.

After the film we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to host Tashai and Robert for the night. We enjoyed and incredible dinner of mostly local eats from our CSA: Gooseberry Hill and our own garden. We had so much fun hanging out with Tashai, Robert and our good friend Seth. We were really sad that our dear friend Alicia had to miss the whole thing because she was sick. We missed her a ton but had a really blessed day.
Luckily Alicia was well enough today to come to the city council meeting in which we presented our petition with 676 signatures urging council to consider an ordinance allowing urban chickens. It was a scary experience for me to stand in front of the council and speak, but by the grace of God I did it and they accepted our petition! Next step is showing up at public work sessions to answer questions and concerns about raising hens in city limits, that should happen at the end of July. I'm relieved that the petition is out of our hands now but I know there is still work ahead of us. How do people do this political stuff all the time? It's totally exhausting, but well worth the effort!

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