Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brewing Beer?

So this activity didn't actually happen in the Driscoll home, it was a fun thing for Cam to participate in during our Thanksgiving trip out to Oregon where my brother Shane and his family live. Here's a photo of the beautiful nugget hops used for brewing. I don't know much about the hops but they smelled sweet and delicious and I learned that they grow well in Zone 5 which might be a fun experiment next year.

This is what Shane's garage brewing station looks like.
Hops are a cookin'
There are a lot of benefits to brewing your own beer: reducing waste by recycling bottles is just one of them. Here, Cam gladly shows off the beer tree where the pressure washed bottles are waiting to be refilled with a batch that Shane started previous to our arrival.
Finally, Cam had a lot of fun bottling the batch that was ready. I think he really enjoyed the whole process and realized how easy it really is. This could become a new homestead hobby, especially if we can grow the ingredients that go into it. Hmmmmm...

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E. R. Dunhill said...

Fantastic! That's a great solution. I blogged about environmentally-friendly beer options earlier this fall. I'll be interested to see how the hop-growing and the brewing go.