Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Random Fall Photos

Here's our guard dog Ihry. She's cute and has a snaggle tooth under bite. I believe she's half Pekinese and half miniature American Eskimo so we call her a Pekimo.
Cam still hasn't decided on a chainsaw and hasn't really had time to go out to cut wood anyway so we found a dude on to deliver some wood to us. I couldn't resist taking a photo of Cam's handy work building a wood rack out of stuff we had laying around.
The neighbors have this beautiful tree so I took a few photos of it with different settings on the camera, always fun to play with.

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E. R. Dunhill said...

I love all of the blue in the woodpile image. And is that echinacea in the background?
Also, I don't recall whether or not I mentioned this on your blog, but I ran across something that might be of interest for a green ministry group: The Green Bible. While I'm not sure that it's an altogether green practice to buy an extra copy of a book you already own, something like this could help to facilitate study groups interested in environmental ministry.
Finally, Trintiy Church (NYC) is running a workshop on the theology of sustainability in January. I believe it's possible to participate from remote sites. In any event, it's worth a look.