Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big Berkey

After seeing a super cool water filter that our friends bought over the summer from we took the plunge and invested in a Berkey of our own.

The filtration technology used in this puppy is out of this world. It is used in 3rd world countries to filter nasty pathogen laden waters into pure drinking water! We could go down to the creek and gather water to filter through this thing if we wanted (or more likely needed) to. There is a travel size Berkey that is recommended for frequent travelers or camping. Seriously, you can use lake water or whatever in this thing and it will make it not only drinkable but probably safer than tap water!

We were using a Brita filter pitcher previously and this thing, no surprise, kicks Brita's butt. The model we purchased, the Big Berkey, has a 2.5 gallon storage tank on the bottom so as long as we remember to keep adding to the upper tank it's tough to run out of filtered water.

There is another model available which is made from plastic and the only downfall of buying the stainless steel model is that we can't see when we need to add more water without checking. I do prefer steel over plastic, however, so the benefit of superior quality far outweighs convenience and cost differential for us.

So if you are in the market for a new water filter, I highly recommend the Berkey. It is absolutely worth spending a little extra money up front considering the filters last two years as opposed to replacing Brita filters every two or three months... not to mention far better filtering technology and wide range of uses.

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Royal berkey said...

I've got the Royal Berkey and I love it. My friends and family always throw around the oohs and aahs.