Friday, July 30, 2010

Spring Hodge Podge

The spring around here was a hodgepodge of events.  Starting up daycare was such a huge challenge that everything else somewhat fell to the back burner.  One thing we managed to do was force some tulips to bloom indoors, which was such a big help in early spring to have the brilliant color and sense of hope for spring to come.
One feat I accomplished was my first try at baklava.  It's one of my favorite desserts and for some reason I tackled it one day.  It was really delicious but I wish I would have shared it with more people.  It is so rich and I wanted to eat it all but we just couldn't do it.  I hate to say that a couple of pieces even went to waste :(  Tisk tisk!
I think this is a really funny ultrasound picture of the baby.  I think this one has Cam's nose.  Not easy to tell from this picture, but trust me.  This ultrasound was a really emotional event for us.  It put what few worries we had left about the baby's health to rest and instead of confirming our steadfast belief that that baby is a boy the ultrasound tech surprised us with a prediction that it is a girl!  Since our sense and many dreams told us it was a boy we've decided that we will enjoy the mystery and treat the gender of the baby as just that.  A mystery.
I've wanted a swing set for years for Adi to play on and the daycare was the straw that broke the cameron's back ;)  It has proven to be a must have and I'm so grateful to finally have a play structure in our yard.  The kids appreciate it too.
As usual we took our annual hike a couple of blocks over to "Mulberry Trail" and foraged us up some tasty mulberries.  The magic may have been lost on Adi this year, though.  She's become  more like me and examines each bite she take before eating rather than shoving fruit in her mouth as quickly as possible in years past.  The wet season had produced more mosquitos than we care to deal with as well so that didn't really help either.

As for our gardens, our poor poor gardens, they've gone mostly unattended.  We did start a few plants from seed but I didn't attend to them as I should have and they were started a bit late.  We ended up buying several tomato and pepper plants from farmer's market and got those planted, though late.  At least we got some stuff planted but it's not what we had hoped for.  There's always next year.

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