Sunday, July 6, 2008

As the Garden Grows

It's so much fun to see the garden growing as the season progresses. At the bottom of the hill is a huge row of "ditch lilies" that are in bloom. It's a beautiful site, but I think we'll be digging them up and giving them away on freecycle to make way for a water garden. The area is usually really sloshy and Cam was inspired by a talk he attended on permaculture last weekend.

The Green Sausage variety tomatoes are cute little bush plants. We don't really know how to tell when they're ripe since the color will remain green so we'll just have to go by feel.

Next, the tomatillos are growing like crazy. And our first ever successful attempt at growing corn - we're really excited about the popcorn. Cam started the plants from seed in soil blocks and that seems to have made all the difference for us.

And finally, the pole beans are climbing the structures Cam built so quickly. They're so cool! I can't believe how quickly they grow. Hopefully the structures will make it easy to find and harvest the beans when it's time. Adi loves to eat them right off the vine. Mmmm.

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