Friday, May 30, 2008

Enough For Its Own Blog

Well, gardening has become a big enough part of our lives to dedicate a separate blogging effort to our urban homestead wanna-be mentality. Cam and I have dreamed of having huge fruitful gardens since we met 10 years ago and wherever we've lived we have always grown something.

Here we are in 2008, adding on to what we did last year and in the process transforming the space we once called our yard. We're a work in progress with big dreams and big ideas. One step at a time we are moving closer and closer to what a local group has not only described but also claimed their namesake as: food not lawns.

A lot of people inspire us. As we learn more, we continually find more and more people with similar goals. People who we pay close attention to in hopes of absorbing some of their knowledge, experience and expertise. We're looking forward to recording all of this right here.

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